Walters Jewellers

Adam P., Jamaica Plain

I broke the pin on the band of my $100 watch. I had tried to bend it back but it became clear to me that it wasn’t gonna be around long. I was reaching for a tub of Limited Edition Flavor of the Season French Vanilla Cool Whip when the band let go for good. Luckily the elastic cuff of my coat prevented it from falling to the floor, smashing and disintegrating. I was cruising around Coolidge Corner with the watch in my pocket on my way to get a burrito and I decided to see if there was anyone nearby who could fix it.

All the yelp reviews that were negative tended to center around 2 things, cleaning and resizing rings. I needed neither of these things so I figured I’d give ’em a shot. The whole needing to be buzzed-in is a little weird especially considering the most expensive thing I saw was a Bulova watch running about $300 right across from a plastic drugstore rack of Casios. So not exactly the highest of high-end stuff necessitating an air-tight security system. When I got in, I showed the woman my broken band and she seemed disappointed that my watch was an automatic therefor was never going to need a battery.

I had seen reviews stating batteries were $10 to replace so I figured my $100 watch was about to become a $110 watch and since I like it, I was OK with that. The woman began to work and I paced around in the store and played with my phone to keep myself occupied. A few minutes passed and she came back with a fixed band. I put the watch on my wrist and asked how much. In a heavy accent she said something I couldn’t make out. I asked “ten?” She said “no, three.” So three bucks later, I’m on my way. I probably wouldn’t have my rings resized there (particularly since I don’t have any) but I have another watch in my nightstand with a broken band and I’m pretty sure I’ll be bringing it to them to fix.

Katherine E., Brookline, MA

This place charges a reasonable fee for watch battery replacement, jewelry cleaning, and jewelry resizing. I’ve had 2 rings resized, 1 watch battery replaced, and my Pt engagement ring repolished. They charge slightly less than the Newbury St. jewelers for battery replacements. They also charge1/3rd the price I was quoted on Newbury St. for polishing /cleaning Pt rings, which is awesome. The cleaning included ultrasonic. The ring looked great and was done while I chatted with the nice lady. They tend to be busy on Saturday, so you might need to wait in line.

Emily F., Newton

I’d been putting off replacing the battery in my watch for months, even though this little chore nagged at me multiple times per day as I walked by Walter’s Jewelers and saw their watch battery window signs. Finally I sucked it up and brought my watch in. I was almost totally deterred when I tried to open the door in the middle of the day, to find it locked, but turns out, you have to be buzzed in. Gotta protect the precious gems and what not inside.

The woman behind the counter, who gave me a wonderful sense of warm, friendly grandma-ness attention, helped me right away. In the few minutes she took to put a new battery in my watch, I ogled the absolutely beautifuulllll rings and necklaces in the counter displays. Everything was so gorgeous and so unique, unlike any other jewelry store I’ve been in before….wish I could afford something (slash everything) for myself (or had someone to spoil me with fine jewelry!).

Five minutes after I walked in, I was on my way out, with a working watch and a renewed, shallow pining for a man with money.

Romulo R., Brookline

This is my go to place now to get watch batteries replaced. Had time to grab a bagel while I waited, and they open at 9:30 am. $10 to get a new battery. Nice lady.

I don’t wear jewelry so I can not attest to their jewelry selection or repair skills.

S. B., Cedar Park, TX

I had such a wonderful experience at this jewelry store. I needed to have my diamond pendant appraised and I found them online with Google Maps. They are right off the C train, practically in Coolidge Corner on Harvard Street.

Walter and Leah were two of the most lovely, warm and inviting owners I have ever met in this city! I was grateful for Walter’s expertise and time and just cannot tell you enough how extraordinary these two were to me.

DEFINITELY going back to do business again and DEFINITELY spreading the word about them with every chance I get!!

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